måndag 15 mars 2010

Dagens stora fråga...

Alltså varför är 6 rädd för 7 ?

Eller som Röysopp sjunger då i Tricky Tricky

Nån som har ett förslag?

Tricky Tricky

Is six afraid of seven, ‘cause seven eight nine?
I'm about to lose it a second time
Staring at the wall, hour after hour
Running up and down, over and over

It's so tricky tricky, this little one too,
Well, if it is a lunatic we'll name it after you.
Put it in your pocket and pick it up
We're here to entertain, show them what you got.

Six afraid of seven, ‘cause seven eight nine
I'm afraid of losing the places I find
If I was made equal, is this what I get:
A bunch of stories to interpret?


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